So you liked the kitten. What to do next? Acquaintance with the breeder. Explore social networks, read comments and reviews, chat with those who have already bought kittens from your breeder. Choose a video call time. At your request, it can be more than once.

1. Draw up a personal contract or read the contract-offer on our website. The contract offer includes the basic conditions for the purchase and receipt of a kitten . An individual contract may include additional recommendations for the adaptation and maintenance of a kitten in a new home , when purchasing a kitten for breeding work , the conditions for the breeder will be prescribed in the contract , according to the policy of the kennel.

2. Make a deposit. We accept Zelle, Venmo, Bank account.

3. Choose a shipping method and courier. Usually the breeder offers proven delivery options with verified and reliable couriers. If the kitten is under 4 months old, the breeder will send you updates and share news about your kitten’s maturation process and habits.

4. Get advice on caring for a kitten from your breeder or check out the recommendations on our website.

5. If the kitten is already ready to travel by age, choose the date of delivery, make the final balance. Be sure to ask for videos and photos before the kitten goes on the road. The breeder will provide you with the contact details of the courier. And then you are in touch with the courier until the moment of the meeting.

6. And now the happy day has come. You got a kitten! Be sure to collect the veterinary passport from the courier along with the kitten. For the meeting, don’t forget to bring wet wipes, a clean blanket, and sometimes you’ll need a cat carrier.

7. Don’t forget your breeder and send updates. We are always glad to know that you are satisfied and happy.

8. Share your feedback and comments on our social networks. This will help new owners make the right choice.

Best regals, from breeders sphynx Nataliya, Tatyana and Zhanna

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