We, breeders from Russia, work only with reliable couriers. Each of us has our own trusted couriers. And for sending to different countries, we will choose the best shipping methods for you.

We trust aerial babysitters with the most precious thing – our kittens. Kittens travel with maximum comfort and look forward to your hugs.

The process of delivering kittens is actually very simple. Couriers have many years of experience and know everything about the delivery of animals to different countries. All documents will be executed correctly and your kittens will be completely safe when flying on an airplane to different countries.

There is no possibility of delivery cats to Australia and Norway. Delivery of kittens to Australia requires quarantine in Europe for 6 months. And residents of Norway can only personally import pets into their country.

Each country has its own requirements for importing animals. Write to us, we will give full information.

Nataliya Berezovskaya

Zhanna Zellars

Tatyana Khasabova

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