How much does a Sphynx cat cost?

Growing Sphynx kittens requires certain skills and knowledge about the breed. A reputable breeder is required to provide health checks, vaccinations, deworming and testing of their cats for HCM, FiV FeLV. The cost of Sphynx kittens is $ 2000-2500, including castration. The price of bambino kittens is $2300-$3500. Especially valuable representatives of bald breeds cost more than $ 5,000

The cost of Sphynx kittens is the sum of the costs of the breeder for the maintenance of their cats. Does your breeder attend shows, does the breeder care about the health of their cats. Does he visit the vet? A real breeder invests a lot of money in his cats, attends cat shows, participates in various courses, and knows everything about the proper upbringing of kittens. Before transferring a kitten, the breeder usually conducts prophylactic treatment of kittens from parasites, puts all vaccines according to the age of the kitten and a microchip. Also, before transferring the kitten to a new family, the breeder will take care of the castration of the kitten. Remember, a low price may be a sign that the kitten is sick or byer are just a scammer.

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